Las Vegas Invitational Basketball Tournament

2019 Co-Ed Charity Exhibition Game Recap

Rocket Gyoza vs. Mixed Plate

The 11th Annual Las Vegas Invitational Co-Ed Charity Exhibition Game was held on
Friday, September 6, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the Chuck Minker Sports Complex.

This year's charity game raised money to support:

Terasaki Budokan

GAME RECAP (photos below)

For this year's game, we had the kids play for the first 8 minutes of each half and then the adults played the remainder of the halves.

First half highlights:
* Kids showing a lot of hustle from the tip-off
* Kids making a lot of 3 pointers
* Budokan Ryan bulldozing over Budokan Scott
* A lot of air balls
* First half score: Rocket Gyoza 14, Mixed Plate 11

Second half highlights:
* More 3 pointers by the kids
* Matthew giving the ball to Harrison to let him score twice
* Budokan Scott bulldozing over Budokan Alan
* Matthew stealing the ball from Uncle Stu
* Nomo getting the ball stolen from behind by Budokan Ryan

FINAL SCORE: Mixed Plate 32, Rocket Gyoza 25

Congratulations to Rocket Gyoza for "winning" the Loser's Trophy back from Mixed Plate. Wait until next year!


* All the players of this year's game
* Referees: Ramon Alvarado, Fred Blattner, Gerald Morita
* Scorekeepers: Jolene Morita, Phyllis Sakamoto
* Game Reporters: Ward Ogata, Jenni Fukai
* Donation Collectors: Jolene Morita, Karen Coyle
* Photographer: CJ Yeh
* All the friends, family, and fans who came out to support the charity game

We look forward to seeing everyone and an even bigger crowd of supporters at next year's 12th Annual Las Vegas Invitational Co-Ed Charity Exhibition Game!