Las Vegas Invitational Basketball Tournament

2018 Co-Ed Charity Exhibition Game Recap

Rocket Gyoza vs. Mixed Plate

The 10th Annual Las Vegas Invitational Co-Ed Charity Exhibition Game was held on
Friday, September 7, 2018 at 6:00 PM at the Chuck Minker Sports Complex.

This year's charity game raised money to support:

Terasaki Budokan

GAME RECAP (photos below)

Because there were not enough kids this year, we combined everyone into two teams instead of having a separate kids game. We played 6 on 6, with 2 men, 2 women, and 2 kids on the court at all times!

The first half saw a lot of up and down action but little scoring. The adults mostly tried to get the kids open shots - and the kids were happy to take them! The first half ended with Rocket Gyoza up by 3, 17-14.

The second half saw a lot more scoring, esp. by the 3-point shooting kids, who must have made about 5-6 3 pointers (the Steph Curry influence was clearly seen here!). Rocket Gyoza moved out to a 10 point lead and cruised to the victory, 43-32.

Congratulations to Mixed Plate for winning the Loser's Trophy for the second year in a row!

Some notable highlights:
* Tess starting off hot (2 for 3) but then missing 6 in a row - on one possession!
* Jaxon stealing the ball from Stu and converting into a breakaway layup
* Matthew and Wade trading off long, NBA-range 3 pointers
* Nomo with mouth wide open during dribble drive (see photos for sequence)
* Auntie Yumi loudly swearing in front of all the kids as she missed a shot!


* All the players of this year's game
* Referees: Burton Nelson, Sierra Nelson, David Price, John Starkins
* Scorekeepers: Kristi Nakashima, Rene Fernando
* Game Reporters: Ward Ogata, Jenni Fukai
* Donation Collector: Karen Coyle
* Photographer: CJ Yeh
* All the friends, family, and fans who came out to support the charity game

We look forward to seeing everyone and an even bigger crowd of supporters at next year's 11th Annual Las Vegas Invitational Co-Ed Charity Exhibition Game!